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2017 Neighborhood Meeting Schedule

  • September 11th
  • October 9th
  • November13th
  • ​December 11th
  • ​January 2018

​​All meetings will be held at Valley Baptist Church on the 2nd Monday of each month starting at 7:00 PM

 Working to improve COMMUNITY LIFe, knowledge and understanding! 

Cleaning Up After Your Pet


     DVIA neighbors in touch with Animal Control ask what can be done about pet owners who allow their pets to leave "unwelcome deposits" on their lawn. Baltimore County law requires pet owners to pick up after their pets on public and private property. There is a $25 violation for the first offense, and a $100 violation for subsequent offenses.

     When a friendly note to the offending pet owner is not enough, call the Department of Health’s Animal Control Division at 410-887-5961. A warning letter and a copy of the laws will be sent. If the problem continues contact Animal Control to start the violation process.


What is that Awful Sound?


     In spite of the steady progress of development that we seem to see around us every day, it is good to remind ourselves that, yes, we do still live in the country and that awful sound you hear in the early morning that is a cross between a wailing child and a terrorized puppy is actually a fox in amore.

     While a fox's caterwauling is quite unsettling the first time you hear it and seeing a fox scampering down the middle of the street at 3 a.m. is a bit of a shock, it is nothing to panic about. For the normally reclusive and shy vulpes, it is unusual to have them so loud and visible but it does not indicate that they are rabid. For the most part, they would rather have nothing to do with us.

     However, you may want to be careful with your pets, especially the smaller varieties in as they would be a tasty treat for an amorous fox. With a little patience and a lot of tolerance, we will survive the romantic season of the fox and survive to experience the blissful silence of spring.

 The Department of Health’s Animal Control Division may be reached at 410-887-5961.